Day 38 : Conferencing!

We are rapidly approaching the week of student-led conferences... And the kiddos are excited! Just kidding, they are not happy about it. But after all is said and done, I am confident they will look back with pride and a sense of ownership that is not even close to possible with traditional teacher-led conferencing.

Each student fills out this form that my colleagues and I created. Feel free to use and share!

As a bonus, here is one excerpt. A gem of self-reflection. I love this assignment. : )


Day 37 : Best. Idea. Ever.

Been gone from this blog for a while... I'll catch you up soon. : )
For now, enjoy what I might consider my best idea of the year.

Took me five minutes to create. Took the students five minutes to fill out.
I got amazing, honest, thoughtful responses (in confidentiality because of the form) that REALLY will inform my new seating chart for the upcoming quarter.

In the words of future president Kanye West, "Bro! Bro. Listen to the kids."

- JMF (the teacher)