Day 16 : Substitutes and Transparency

As E-40 tells us, everybody's got choices.
Choose to come to school, get sicker and more exhausted and less patient, or take a day and leave your class in the hands of a stranger.

I chose to stay out of school today... and my class was AMAZING. 

I chose transparency today as well - sharing the sub plans with my students (something I hadn't tried before) and reminding them that the power is in their hands to make or break a good day.

The day went beautifully. Here's a glimpse as to how I set it up - and how my students responded - to make it work so well.

Exhibit A: My clumsy/awkward/backyard video greeting.

Exhibit B: My sub plans (the whole thing is here for you to peruse, minus the station instruction sheets), complete with students' classroom jobs and suggestions.  I always LOVE seeing the details of other teachers' logistics, so hopefully some sub-plan nerd is stoked right now.

Exhibit C: The 1-5 scale whole-class behavior results that a student e-mailed me at several points throughout the day. The sub had great things to say as well, so I trust the numbers do not have too huge a margin of error. : )

All in all, I couldn't be prouder after this first sub day!
- JMF (the teacher)

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