ELECTIVES Day 10 : Cycling Club Bingo!

Our school schedules electives on Friday mornings, taking the mantra of "fun Friday" up about fifty notches, and inciting all sorts of jubilation at the end of the week. Our electives this quarter include basketball, coding, girls-only sports, hip hop dance, swing dance, instrumental woodworking, judo, leadership, Minecraft, painting and artist studies, soccer, strategy games, opt-in study hall, and wildlife drawing.

Yes, those were alphabetical, because that's how the spreadsheet lists them. Shout-out to GoogleSheets.

My illustrious electives this semester are Cycling Club and Drama! Oh, I am stoked.
The first day in Cycling Club always includes a game of bingo, where students get to know one another, I get to know their level of riding ability and experience, and the whole room is up and moving.

More on Cycling Club to come on these Fridays, because it is one of my very favorite things.
- JMF (the teacher)

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