Day 9 : Pascal Party

Back to Jo Boaler's Week of Inspirational Math! I love it, I am inspired, and I was the kid who was always great at formulas but laaaaaame at real-world application and any sort of joy.

(I graduated high school in 2006, so you can do the math.)

Jo Boaler's activities are helping me dig out of my NCLB-inspired pit of correctness, fear of experimentation, intense drive for praise and achievement through the letters on my report card, and holy, fearful reverence for math as a collection of truths that were untouchable and unfriendly to visitors.

Rant over. We also watched Cristobal Vila's epic Numbers in Nature (two times, at students' request) to get our brains thinking about where else math shows up in non-NCLB-mandated places. Now rant over.

Check out these Pascal's triangles. I will post more extra-fun colorful ones next week.


- JMF (the teacher)

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  1. "Holy, fearful reverence for math"...I'd laugh more if I didn't have some of the same kinds of memories myself. I'm not surprised but happy to hear that this was interesting and engaging!