Day 7 : Google Chrome the Colorful Beach Ball

Digital natives and digital immigrants alike all have to speak the language, and today we broke down some of the 'grammar' of using Google Chrome (which a student described as a colorful beach ball) and keyboard shortcuts, among a few other concepts.

I am learning to navigate the widespread ability in my classroom when it comes to technology... for some it is intuitive, and for others it is maddeningly frustrating. If anybody knows how to teach intuition and experimentation with clicking on whatever looks helpful, please do let me know! My comment of, "Well, find a clickable link that looks like it might be what you're looking for..." isn't that substantial, but is exactly the way I interact with technology and learn to move forward.

(Ignore the Bookmarks Bar that looks like worms in a race.... sigh.)

- JMF (the teacher)

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