Day 4 : Reds and Greens

Both snapshots today show pieces of the students' rough draft of our respect agreement (which will be finalized and signed tomorrow), as well as what they identified as the easiest commitment (in green) and the most difficult commitment (in red).

We are aware that by committing to the respect agreement, we give our best effort and word that we will try our utmost to follow the rules we collaboratively created - teachers and staff included. Knowing what sounds most difficult for my students allows me to anticipate problems, redirect them to the agreement, and offer support in the looooooong journey of figuring out how to relate to other people well.

Bonus... my favorite dead flowers and wicker bookshelf. Enjoy.

- JMF (the teacher)

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  1. I love the idea of considering what the cost, in terms of difficulty, may be. Thanks for sharing!